The Mississippi State New Narrative Festival explores and documents the rapidly changing, multi-platform ways we show, tell and share stories across society, culture, politics and business. Created and curated by the Department of Communication at MSU, the New Narrative Festival brings together top leaders and influencers from the worlds of corporate communication, journalism, technology, social media, visual arts, history, literature and music. Together they will share ideas and best practices in storytelling with faculty, students, community and business leaders, and other entrepreneurs interested in narrative storytelling. The New Narrative Festival is a welcoming and diverse conversation held at the convergence of technology, global access, and the human drives to both connect and to isolate.

The Big Idea and Who Should Attend

The New Narrative Festival will explore the future of the American narrative in the home of the American narrative. Mississippi is often misunderstood and not given credit for its contributions to the American Narrative and arts. It doesn’t have to be that way. The inaugural New Narrative Festival is designed to brand Mississippi as the place to look for creativity and solutions. This festival can act as a magnet for anyone in business, government, or education who wants to change the narrative back to solving problems in America. The purpose of the festival is to build, nurture and support the creative element at MSU and across the state by encouraging the development and incubation of multi-platform narratives across various disciplines and create a lasting agency that harnesses that energy. The New Narrative Festival also should enhance the university’s national image and profile by targeting major media companies and corporations for idea exchanges on campus that will build a more sophisticated image of the state in the national identity.

Definition of Narrative

“Narrative” for us includes fiction, non-fiction, poetry, theatre, history, film, graphic arts, music, performance, food, politics, engineering, marketing, public relations, corporate communications, and the technology used to distribute those narratives.


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